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Calendar Design Options - Making Sure I Don't Forget Anything

Hello all!

I’m working on a website redesign for a nonprofit that’s got its own resale store. They run a sale almost every day, and I’m trying to find the best solution for their sale calendar online.

Their current resale calendar page has a jpg copy of their month, which is so-so legible on mobile.


  • Google Calendar Embed. I think this could be easier for them to maintain and (maybe) easy enough for the site manager to update on the site’s sale calendar page.
  • CMS + dynamic list/table. The person managing the sale calendar goes in and adds the sale date, sale name, and maybe a little image/icon to go with it. These items are automatically populated into a list with ‘upcoming sales’ of 10+ items and a ‘see more upcoming sales’ link. (Maybe a ‘see past sales’ link too.) EDIT: Is there a good way to add an icon selection field in the CMS?
  • Stick with the jpg upload.

What do you all think? Personally, I’m leaning toward the CMS item because I think it can be easier to navigate on mobile. The current site manager is leaning toward the jpg calendar so it can be seen all at once.

Mobile is a definite priority here—63%+ of the page views are from mobile and most land from Google.

I would love a design that’s adapted from something like:

On desktop, items could go into the table-esque calendar, and on mobile the calendar shifts into cards—but I haven’t found any good options for the table build that wouldn’t require extensive changes from month to month.

I would love y’alls input! Thank you :heart:

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I recently did a responsive google-cal workaround using FeedWind which was pretty good (so that the client could continue to enter his events in a google cal).

I have a blog and did a tutorial on it if you’re interested:

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What about trying to this with Zapier? Pull new events to a collection and design it as you want.


@LauraH thank you for your reply! Sorry mine is so late, though :slight_smile:. I’m reading it now, and it looks like a really awesome solution :smiley:! The images in 4.1 – 4.4 won’t load on my end, though, and each bring up a ‘You need permission’ error on Drive with options to request access. Definitely saving the link+tutorial for when I get to that point in dev. Thank you so much!

@jorn ahh, this sounds like an awesome idea! I’ll look into it more—Zapier might have some other good benefits for them as well, too!

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So sorry just seeing this now! I changed the post format so it should look normal now if you’re interested. Here’s the link again:

Good luck!!