Calculate Age using CMS date field - Custom code


I am tryin to get the age of the owners, I have a included a date field called “Birthday” and I wanted to calculate the age for each Owner its birthday.

What I did:

  • Add in “Before tag” the code
  • Add embed code in the page the same code
const anos = Birthday
function calculateAge(date) 
  const now = new Date();
  const diff = Math.abs(now - date );
  const age = Math.floor(diff / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365)); 
  return age


The result does not appear anywhere.

Could anyone help me on that? Basically to bring the results of Javascript into the page.

Here the link of the project:


Hi @victorpaolo,

Welcome to the forum!

Try replacing it with this code:

const anos = new Date("+Add Field - Birthday HERE");
const now = new Date();
const diff = now-anos;
const age = Math.floor(diff/31557600000);

document.querySelector('.ages').innerHTML = age;

It will display 0 if they are less than a year old obviously. Try publishing and testing it out on Eino Ratke.

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Hey mww!

Many thanks! it works perfectly!
Have a good day!