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Calculate a more accurate 'Active Design Time' for websites built in Webflow

Hi there Webflow team,

I wanted to mention, my active design time at the moment is 50 minutes - though i’ve spend more then 20 hours at least working on this website.

It would be great if there was active design time and general time the designer was open, or more accurately, how long it’s been worked on which would be perfect. In this case, I will be able to see how many hours I can get commissioned for work as so forth.

Thanks! Looking forward for some feedback.


Hey @juliansocial - thanks for sharing that feedback! We currently don’t have a timer of how long you’re active in the designer, and the number that you see in the dashboard is woefully inaccurate. We’ll work on making this more accurate in a future release. Thanks!


Yeah this was a promising feature. :sob:

We discussed that a few months ago here and I was among those who thought it was a good idea…

…and now not so much. Because other have failed, and other have worked a lot on that to end with inacurate and unrealiable systems.

So rather that knowing Webflow is wasting valuable time on this no-design feature, I’d prefer that tracking stays a job for tracking systems and softwares. There are a ton available, some are linked to invoices and have multi client options… which is difficult to fine tune really, when you check the dev log of such softwares.

So don’t you think this could be ditched entirely out of Webflow and delegate to specialized softwares?

I had a discussion with Slack support the other day, and they worked on this numerous times and never have released anything because it’s not accurate.

I won’t use it for invoicing, just to have a global idea of the active design time. It’s a nice feature if it’s working.

@rowan, What do you think about Harvest Time Tracking? The short video is bad ass, though thinking of using it.

I’m using Harvest since 6 months already and I have to say this is the best tracking-app I’ve used so far. The whole backend gives me the ability to track my time spent on different tasks which can be priced differently if I want to. I hired someone lately and he’s using this app as well. That way I see his time on tasks etc. Every week we discuss the time spent on different tasks and we can find a way to speed them up. The idea is to provide Golden Service instead of Any Service ;) While our prices are not low, our customers love the way we work, the support we provide and the speed in which we make their ideas come truth.

Harvest is helping us also with invoicing. I can use a free-form invoice in which I can write whatever I want, or use a based-form invoice which takes data about the client for whom we’ve worked and calculates a total amount with separate info about each task (if I want to). I really think you should try it.

You can use it for free as well, but you are then limited to only 1 client and 1 project. But then again, you can archive other projects and unarchive them anytime. The free version is also limited to one employee - you.

If this is not a problem, use the following link to register on Harvest. That will not cost you a thing but will help me a little bit ;)

Good luck!

I’m so glad you brought this up, I saw Harvest the other day and can’t wait to use it on a new project.

Did you really enjoy their short film? I did.

Thanks for the tips,


(also, awesome video about the loading page for webflow - it helped me nail it really smoothly and kudos to you. I’ve used it on my new site!

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Hi @juliansocial - this is a great thread! And I agree with @vincent that Webflow should stick with the design and time tracking should be left to the time tracking software.

My team has built a time tracking app called Tiempo that’s focused specifically on freelance web designers (Plus, our home page is made in Webflow). It’s a super easy way to invoice as well. I’d love to get your thoughts on how it compares to Harvest.

Give it a try! We’re toying with the idea of building an integration with Webflow, but want to see if Webflow users are interested in what we’ve got to offer first.


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does that mean I’m not a real time traveler ? :frowning:

i spent 2 days working on a site… 30 minutes of design time.

for a while… i was “super fly” :smile:

I just spotted the “design time” which states 38 mins yet I’ve been working on the site for a month, it’s not even inaccurate, it’s completely wrong and could get people in trouble. I work on a corporate account where other people can log on and think that that’s all the work I’ve done! Please fix it or take it out completely!