Cache problem post title when posting on Linkedin

Hello Support
We are maintaining the website of a customer. The website is multilingual. We used the TAG solution that you can find here in the forum ( [[DE]]German Text [[EN]] English Text)

This works very well so far. But now there was the unpleasant side effect that when you post the post on LinkedIn exactly these tags are still visible in the title (see appendix). This is unpleasant and we have adapted the CMS so that each language tag gets its own text field. This solves the problem. Unfortunately LinkedIn still displays the tag in the post (see attachment).

If I post the whole thing on Linkedin via the Webflow subdomain, i.e., the post is displayed correctly. But if I use my own domain,, the [[DE]] or [[EN]] is still displayed.

Is this a cache problem or a DNS problem with my own domain, or is there something else to consider?
PS: We have already triggered an indexing.

Thanks a lot

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Screenshot 2020-11-27 130700

Screenshot 2020-11-27 130700|520x421 Screenshot 2020-11-27 131127