Cache plug in "Varnish" in my website?


I have been told that a cache plugin called it’s installed on my website. Even if no cache plug in has been installed by me, as far as I know, Do you know how I could unistall it from my website ?

Apparently is interfiring with my weglot integration.

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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All Webflow CMS websites are “rendered as flat”, it means a static version of each dynamic page is created, either automatically shortly after publish, or upon first visit. The name of the tech used is Varnish, and yes it’s a web cache / http accelerator.

All Webflow CMS sites are sporting Varnish.

It should not at all interfere with Weglot.

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Hi Vincent, thank you for your reply. It’s good to know what it is about. Since at weglot they told me it could be a problem I worried. I m glad to hear it is fine.

Weglot works for a ton of Webflow websites already. And it’s a tech that crawls sites, there’s no difference for them to crawl freshly generated pages rather than cached ones.

For us, and for the visitors of the websites we make, Varnish is a good thing: it speeds things up and protect servers against heavy loads.