C&P Section with Collapsible Containers

Hi - I apologies upfront I know very little about webflow and was able to bootstrap 99% of a website from the “Horizons” template without any experience. But…

I am trying to copy a section from a demo page into my website’s live page. The section includes collapsible containers with a headline and body text. When I paste the section into the desired page the collapse feature doesn’t work. I think this has to do with interactions?

Any easy solution for beginners? Thanks.

The link provided shows a working version and a section below with the issues. When I copy into my live page it is also missing the header text on containers 2 and 3.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Pilot LNG

The interactions on the broken section are not working because they are targeting the elements in the working section. You need to right click each action, hit change target, and then select the correct element in the broken section in order for the interactions to work.