Bypassing the sidecart/popup when nav-shopping cart is clicked

Hi, I’m very new at this but I’m already in love with Webflow. I hope I can get this issue solved, so I can launch a website with this!

I only have a physical item to be sold. So, having a slider/pop up will just add friction to the customer’s shopping experience.

QUESTION: Do I need a code for this? Is there a way to get the shopping cart icon on the upper right corner of the page to:

  • have its slider/pop-ups to be disabled when clicked
  • redirects the user to the “/cart” page
  • still features the correlating number of cart items added

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much in advance!!

***This website still needs to be converted into a Shopify template. I don’t think third party apps for Webflow e-commerce is suitable.

***Product images are just examples, these are not my products. The colors are visually pleasing so I used them. Only for personal use.

Here’s my read-only link:

Published-site link: