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Buy domain on my Google account or clients?

Hi there everybody,

I am starting a new project and I have a question in regards what the best practices are in regards to purchasing the domain. Is it best for me to buy my clients domain under my Google account and manage it for my client that way? Although then I will be charged for his domain fees in the future, correct? Or is it best to just use the clients Google account to buy the domain? In this case, would there be an issue connecting his domain with his project, that I am building in my Webflow account? Or how do you guys do all this? As you can tell, kinda new at this.

Thanks so much in advance.

I personally manage everything for my clients, other people would say that leave them do that themselves but at the end I think it’s a matter of what part of the whole process you want to have control over or if you just want to design the website hand it over and say goodbye.

Thanks so much for your input. What exactly do you mean when you say, it’s a matter of what part of the whole process you want to have control over? What else is there to manage that I am missing, in regards to the domain, besides buying and connecting the domain to his website, which I am building with my Webflow account?

Would it be possible to transfer the domain from my Google account over to his in the future, if I decide to purchase it with my Google account for now? I just don’t want to be charged the annual fee indefinitely into the future after the project is done.

Thank again

In my personal case I offer a more integrated solution, not just the design but maintenance, support, blog submission, SEO, etc. This allows me to create a constant stream of income with my clients and not just one time and this is why said that.


Thanks so much for the clarification, greatly appreciated. Now I know what to do.:+1:

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