Buy Button Pops At Specific Time

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is a custom code kinda thing or Webflow has an animation built it.

I have a sales page that I’m building and will add a big buy button below a video. I’d that buy button or div tag that the buy button sits in to be hidden on page load, but appear after a certain time to match the script in the video.

For example, you load the page and it shows the video, but nothing else. Then at 22 minutes, the voice over in the video says, “by clicking the button below now” and then the buy button appears.

Is that possible? I’ve seen it on many sites, but wanted to achieve this in Webflow.

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You could do an interaction with a very long delay, but you may run into issues if it’s possible for the user to pause the video, or skip ahead.

Typically for this type of video-integrated CTA, I use Wistia, which has features specifically for that purpose.

Thanks Michael.

That works :slight_smile: very true on the play/pausing of the video though. Good point.