Buttons suddenly don't lead to correct pages?

Hi, My project has suddenly for seemingly no reason started redirecting to the wrong page entirely. When clicking the “see what the general says button” the user is supposed to be sent to the “poster 3” page however despite the button being properly set and the pages having no identity disputes it links to a “Athenian Evidence” page I built hours ago.

Strangely not all pages do this, only a few others seemingly have this randomly broken button link problem. Even using the direct written link method for the button navigation rather than just selecting a page in my project does not work.

I have absolutely no clue why my site is suddenly doing this.

The button:
The page it leads to and the page list:

and to add to the confusion even the direct link to the proper page links to the wrong one?!

After exporting the project and testing it, the buttons link to the correct pages? What’s happening here?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - The Acharnians