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Buttons Not Aligned Properly in Tablet or Smart Phone views

I seem to have trouble making things responsive and aligned as I build out my pages. I think this has to do with my continued misuse of margin and padding. However I know the pros in the forums always seem to have an answer and assist my continuing education to better myself.

Anyway… I have a learn more and get started button on the Developer Page and in computer view it looks fine but Tablet and smart phones it is stacking on top of one another and ideally I would like them to be next to one another and centered like in the computer view.

Please help…

Hello Gabriel,
I think I can help you with this issue.

All you need is reduce margins for that buttons in tablet and ten mobile-portrait view. It will fix situation.


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Awesome… Yet again. You made it happen and made it easy… I made a few more adjustments to the hover effect as well because I didnt realize I added a bold and bigger text on hover… Now it all seems responsive and centered enough and the hover effect is calmed down and not jumpy.

I really appreciate all your help. It is really making this process much easier. I could only say I wish I knew about the forum sooner at this point.

Thanks so much !


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Yeah, I think it is what makes our community really alive. Today somebody help you, you learn, next time you will help somebody. It is precious :blush:
So… Always welcome :slight_smile:


Yes. If I get to your level I sure will help others out. I was excited to learn Webflow for a while now but it was so intimidating at first. I used Homestead for the last 10 years. I did very well with it but it became so outdated and I was stuck till I found Webflow. I honestly almost gave up a handful of times. Anyway… I want you to know that you are greatly appreciated and that my confidence is growing with your guidance.


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