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Buttons linking to fields not static pages

First time using a template.

I made my own Navbar and Footer with buttons. Now when I’m trying to link those buttons to other pages I’ve made/altered from the template it only let’s me choose “Link to field”

What happened to the good old option of choosing page, page section, external URL and so on?

Anyone know what I should do?

I just want to link to normal static pages which may or not have Collection lists on them.



Hi @Seppo_Riiho

The settings to link to page, page section, External URL are now in a dropdown. You can access them like this:

The link to field doesn’t link the button to a collection field. It creates a new type of field that you can reuse in symbol overrides that allows you to create variations of the symbol without creating new symbols. For example, if you want to translate your navbar, etc… You can learn more about symbol overrides here:

Thank you.
Let’s forget this ever happened…:joy:

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