Buttons behave differently in tab groups

Hello! I am working on a website for my nonprofit and am having some issues with the way buttons behave in a tab group. In the first tab, the linked button that says “Join Us” is centered with the text. In the other two tabs, however, the button is left aligned. I am not sure how to solve this, so any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The issue is on my “Services” page in the tab group under the “For Students” paragraph. Thanks in advance!
Link: Webflow - College Connect

Hi @Harish_Jaisankar,

This is due to the text-align setting on the first tab compared to the second and third. If you set them all to align: center it should fix this issue.

Here’s a short screen recording to demonstrate: Screen Recording 2022-05-12...

Let me know how you go!

Thank you so much! I’ve been struggling with that issue for a while, I really appreciate the assistance!

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