Buttons and links not working on desktop

Hi everyone! I bought this template a few hours ago and now that I am editing it I have realised that HOME, WORK, CONTACT and other buttons are simply not working in preview mode. Important note: this appears to be the case only on desktop, mobile seems to be fine.


First I thought I made a mistake with something, but on closer inspection when I open in Designer from the seller’s page, I still am not able to click on the buttons. I do not have much experience with Webflow or web dev in general, so this is all so very confusing. I am simply trying to add content to the template to create a small personal portfolio.

Do you guys have any idea how to make these buttons work like they’re supposed to? Could it be that the website needs to be published first in order for the buttons to work (doesn’t really make sense to me since they are working on mobile in preview).

Thank you so much in advance.