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Button to refresh / reload slider content (2 sliders)

Hello all,

Hoping someone can help me to figure this out as I’m slightly lost.

I’m looking to create a page with two side by side sliders (already done)
I’d like the content within these sliders to be randomly selected/displayed (already done, with script that randomises content on page refresh)

The part that I’m struggling with is in the creation/implementation of a single button that would refresh the randomly selected content of both of the sliders simultaneously - as opposed to having to refresh the whole page (triggering the already in place script to randomise the displayed content)

Is this possible? I’m imaging that this could perhaps be attached to the ‘left’ ‘right’ buttons for the sliders somehow, however, this wouldn’t refresh both sliders at once.

Would really appreciate any advice, below is a link to a site which accomplishes what I’m trying to replicate:

Here is my site Read-Only:

you may need to navigate to:

Bump - as it took a while for this post to not display as a blank page.