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Button that skips to form section not working on published site

Hello everyone,

I am stumped on something with a landing page I just made.

I made a button in the navbar that lets you skip to the second to last section which works fine, but only in preview. When I go to my published site it doesn’t work anymore.

Would love it if someone could help me see what is wrong!

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Here is my published site:

Yeah, that’s because of fullpage.js. I think @vincent mentioned that he made this library work with wf on scroll interactions so perhaps he will know how to make anchor links play nice with it?

I would encourage you to read a bit more regarding how fullPage.js works by taking a look at its docs.
More specifically, how the “anchors” or “menu” element work.

You can also read more about it in this topic:

Notice you’ll have to use the attribute data-menuanchor and the anchors option (or the attribute data-anchor in each section).
And anchors CAN NOT have the same value as any ID or NAME attribute in the site.

You can find examples of it in fullPage.js examples folder.