Button set to active not working

In my navbar i want the links to have active state depending on which pager there on.
I having problem with the text color on the active link, the background color works fine, but I don’t understand why the text doesn’t work. I can’t see this problem in editing mode.
Please help me!

Here’s my link

Hi @sandrarunbert

Yeah it doesn’t have that functionality. (If I’m understanding you right) Go to my site, click the menu links and see if that’s what you want, or something similar:

Hi @garymichael1313
Yes, I want the same as you on my website. But as you can se on my screenshot, I can only see it in editing mode. Any idea what I can do to fix it?

Yeah I know. You need to set it as a page load interaction. It’s not as easy trying it with CSS states.