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Button scroll down trigger

Hello everyone.

I have a dropdown menu that opens a dropdown list but I needed that when I clicked on the “Discover” button to scroll to the beginning of the dropdownlist, so that it is visible.

This is the link:

Can someone help me?

Thank you

Hi Sebastiao,

I see that when you click the button Discover. It does indeed have a dropdown. Do you wish to have the window scroll down to the top of the list? If so I can make a quick video showing you how to acheive this.


Steve | 3SIX5 Digital

Hi Steve,


If you could put the video it was perfect.

Thank you very much

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Hi Steve,

have you always succeeded?

Sorry for the insistence but it is very urgent.

Thank you very much

Hi Sebastiao,

Sorry, I got caught up the past couple of days.

Basically, to achieve this you need to add a little custom code, because after you add a #link to move the page down, the animation hasn’t happened yet, and this will make the page scroll to the top because that element is hidden for a second before the trigger is activated. If this makes sense?

This is the code that should work - after you rename the button class to what I have changed it too, this is just too not conflict with the standard button class.

Link to the video is here - Add page tag

Adding the code - Code

I’ll try and help if you still have any issues!

Best of luck,


Good morning Steve,

Again, thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work.
Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you