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Button problem when using DoneRun template

Using the DoneRun template, I would like to create a separate button class for each button I make but whenever I add a button it is always called Button and any changes I make affect all other buttons.
How can I create say button1 which is unique from Button (defined in the template)?

Hi @binarypulsar You can add a nested-class for your button. Do it to each button like you want to, for ex. button1, button2, etc This way any changes you made to each buttons won’t affect each others.

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thanks but new here.
How do you add a nested class?

@binarypulsar Click on right after Button class

I recommend you to take a peak on Great resources there.


ok. thanks.
Another question if it is ok.

  1. The DoneRun Template has a nice iphone image. I would like to place some buttons on the face of the phone (overlay buttons on the phone image). Is that possible, since the phone image is a .png can it be transparent or something?

@binarypulsar Please share your public link here. You can enable it from Site Settings. Once you enabled it copy and paste that link here.