Button only visible to client

My client wants me to create a button only visible to him. Does anybody know how to do that?

Thank you in advance!

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You could explore Webflow User Accounts overview - Webflow University Documentation

That’s almost never the right approach.

If your client is trying to build some form of admin or reporting functionality directly into the site, for their own convenience, it’s generally better to make a password-protected admin page and put the content and controls there.

It also lets you put all of the admin stuff in one place, e.g. a logic scenario that lets you update inventory or a banner alert message.

If you really need those controls sprinkled into the site directly, I’d still take the above approach, and then you can have your /admin page create a cookie that is used to display those buttons & admin UX bits in other places on the site.

I sometimes use hotkeys in this way on complex sites.