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Button not retrieving appropriate data set

I have created and embed a google map on to a client site. The map I finally got to work out but here’s the thing:

Its a to page microsite. On the first page i would like the user to type in a zip code then hit the search button the will then return the data i created in google maps. However, i cannot figure out how to connect the dots here so when the user types in the zip code and hits search the next page they should see are the data results within a 15mile radius of the entered zip code. Can’t figure it out - how to get the button to respond with the appropriate results.

I’m using Google Chrome

here is read only link:

So after entering the zip code the user would hit the “Search” button which i’d like the site to return with the google map I made with a 15 mile radius from the original zip code the user input.

Hi @Brian_M_Fromknecht, sorry for the delay in replying to your post. I was taking a quick look at the site, but I cannot find this form you are showing, is this on the home page?

Also, I could not find in custom code, the code you are using to control the map results, do you already have custom code you are working with on this, or is it that you need a new set of custom code to create this functionality ?

If you can paste the custom code you are using to do the search, I can check if there is some javascript errors getting generated at run-time.

At the moment, the Webflow map widget does not have this kind of lookup feature, so it all has to be done using custom code and the google maps api:


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