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Button not responding in Safari on iPhone

Here’s the page.

All is well on everything but in Safari on iPhone (possibly iPad as well, but I don’t have a device to test on).

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Now I have discovered that the buttons and text links are not working, except for the share icons that show at the top of the page. AND when one of these icons is clicked, then the rest of the buttons and text links on the page begin working.

…any idea what might be causing this?


Hi @brendanmichaeldolan

Thank you for reaching out and reporting about the issue with the links in Safari on iPhone!

That is for sure a strange behavior, however, I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my iPhone nor on an iPad.

Were you able to resolve it?

I’m going to text on other devices and browsers as well, but if you can provide some more details, I might be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue faster.

  • Are you seeing this issue on any other pages in that site?
  • Do you have any interactions on those links?
  • Are the links/buttons that do not work all nested in Symbols?

Can you also please check the following:

  • Is your iPhone up-to-date? Does the issue reoccur after you update your phone?

Any information that you can provide, can help us resolve the issue faster.

Thanks in advance for your patience, understanding, and cooperation!

Standing by for more details from your end to continue investigating this issue!

I’ll inform you if I find anything through my investigation!

Kind regards,

Hi Anna!

Thanks for the reply.

Haven’t resolved it yet, and I’m able to replicate the issue on both my iPhone and my wife’s.

The issue is only on the event.html page of the site, not on the splash page, where the single button is working fine.

There are 3 transition effects on the button: hover in, hover out, click (touch). However, when removing these transitions, the problem still persists.

The buttons currently are not symbols, but they were originally, with the same issue.

Our iPhone’s are up-to-date.

***Something I recently noticed. The share icons at the top and bottom of the page–within a link block–work fine. Also when I click one of these (which brings me outside Safari) and go back to the Safari window, *then the other buttons and links on the page work as they should. If I refresh, they go back to their original, not working state.

My knowledge of css and js are too limited to be able to understand what that might mean, but I’m sure that info will help!

Thank you for the help! Trying to promote the event on FB. lol

Hi @brendanmichaeldolan, I noticed one thing on the published site page, there are some blocking javascript errors, looks like some custom code issue there

40 PM

Can you please take a screenshot of the button in question (one of them) that is not working? just to make sure I am looking at right thing?

I would also fix the javascript error first, if necessary remove the custom code and then check and see if the issue persists.

Also, sharing the read-only link to the site will help us to take look:

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply Dave!

I removed the custom code. It was actually an attempt to fix the problem, but didn’t work… just forgot to delete it afterward.

Looks like you’re in the right place. However, the “reach out” link is also not working.

Here’s the read-only link.

Thanks so much! Great response.

Hi @brendanmichaeldolan, thanks for the info. First, let me give a little info on “Reach Out” link.

The link is currently set to the url link type (http/https), however the value provided is using a mailto link, which is not supported when used as a url link type.

email link types have their own setting:

On the Reserve My Seat buttons, I tried both on first page load, and both opened up the paypal site:

Button #1:

Button #2:

Could you let me know if I am pressing the wrong link?

Also, what kind of exact apple device are you using? Do you have all latest iOS updates installed?

Thanks in advance.

Wow thanks for the info!

Understood about the email links. This is my first Webflow site, so thanks
for the patient help.

You’re definitely on the right button. Very strange. It seems like Ann also
had no issue with it. But we both have the same problem, as well as at
least 2 others.

We are both on the newest update IOS on iPhone 6s & 7.

Any suggestions for testing?

Thanks again for your patience. :slight_smile:

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