Button not moving using interactions

Hi Webflow Folk,

I’m experiencing a non-moving object using interactions. It is part of some content which make up several slides in the slider.

The object is BTN-L (pictured). For some reason on the SLIDER-OUT interaction it doesn’t want to move. Is it a bug? Am i overlooking something? Any help welcome.

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Hello there!

Apparently it won’t move it on “%” . But if you use “200vh”, then i believe you should get the results you desire.

Hope it helps.

Hi @ToreSBentsen,

That worked, thank you. The strange thing is all the other items in the interaction are moving using %s.

The same button slides in using a % value. One of those annoying things that i’ll try not to let bother me… :smirk:

Thanks again


Yeah, i saw that. To be honest, i have no idea why it won’t move using “%”. But yeah, probably just best to let is fly for now. :sweat_smile:

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