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Button/Form Interaction Changed from Original Design


Thank you in advance for any assistance and since this is my first time posting a question I apologize in advance if I miss anything.



I created a button/drop down/form in the header of my page that users could click in order to “Request a Demo”. When I originally created it everything was working fine (user clicks button, drop down appears in correct place, user clicks button again and drop down disappears) but now when I click the button the drop down/form is halfway down my page.

I don’t believe I changed any settings and I’ve torn through all of the Div blocks, settings and interactions that I thought may be causing this but no solution.

Intended design:

Current design:

Hi @joshua.l.h, thanks for the post, when looking at the published site, I can see in css that there is a 197px transform being applied to the div-block-164 class:


I was trying to find this style in the site though, but could not find that class, it seems the published site was last published on April 8, is it possible for you to publish that site again?

@cyberdave thanks for the prompt response!! I have just republished.

So your problem is solved, right? Signalling answers as “solution” is helpful to others

No, has not been resolved yet. Still awaiting response from @cyberdave

Just got it working. There’s a scroll animation that is causing this to happen check that and come back to tell me if it worked

@Jeandcc thank you!! that did it.

Apologies but one additional question. Now when I load the page the dropdown is briefly visible prior to it disappearing. Is this a bug or something I did incorrectly?

I’ve published the aforementioned change so you should be able to view at the same link (

just set its display to none in the Designer. Webflow loads the content before loading the initial states for the animations

Apologies but now it won’t show when the trigger is hit.

it seems to me that your read-only got broken. Can you generate a new one please?

Also, to make it appear when you click, just add an action to the "Drop-down Show " animation, selecting the drop-down form from and clicking on the option “hide-show” setting its display to whatever you need.

Please, fix your read-only and I’ll show it to you if you can’t do it.

I can’t seem to figure it out. Here’s a new link:

I added in the Hide/Show feature and pushed the update but it only works ~50% of the time.

It seems like you already got it fixed. Am I right? I don’t see any problems

I made the change but it’s still not working correctly. I’ve loaded/re-loaded the site multiple times and it works about 50% of the time.

Open the “” version on a private window and tell me what happens. Because it’s working here flawlessly

Still the same issue, let me see if I can capture it some how and send a clip to you.

that will be great. Do it and I’ll try to find out what’s happening

I don’t know if this is going to work but I recorded my screen and then converted it to a gif. Let me know if you’re able to open and view this file, if not I’ll try another method.


It works. I’ll check it out.

Have you done this already?


Do it, and publish your changes, please. If something still off, I will have another look, but I need that change published and you showing me (with another gif) what’s the problem. Thanks

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That was it! Thank you for all of your help and patience!!

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