Button elements not appearing next to text, just below it

Hello, I am making my website home page. I have some buttons at the bottom that I want to appear next to the text it comes with. It looks perfect when I am editing. But when I go to the live site, the buttons are underneath! These are the colorful buttons that are next to the * text near the bottom.

*After I fix this problem, I will work on fixing the spacing and whatnot.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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Hey Crystal,

So, I went ahead and had a look at your site, and I do have to say that I find it very odd that the container element is behaving like that. I actually recorded a video that you can watch to make things much easier to follow, and this way I can also show you what’s happening in much more detail along with a way to fix it, plus a few more things.

Watch video here: Fixing the Layout with a Custom Container

I hope you find it helpful, and have an awesome weekend!
– Noah

Thank you, Noah, this helped a lot! My sections and containers were so messed up because I had to animate specific things, but I now realize I can animate specific elements without creating new classes. Now my layout is very clean. I changed everything to a div as you suggested too and will only be using those from now on. And lastly, the solution worked. All is good. I will be back for more questions as I am sure I will get confused again. :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend as well.