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Hello all,

I cannot seem to find where the yellow color is coming from once the buttons are hovered and it returns or should return to light blue. I have looked everywhere, hovered state, visited etc… all states. I have checked Variables, not there either. Anywhere on the page that turns yellow when hovered or visited should be or return to light blue.

If anyone could help me out it would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @Randy_Rheaume-Duchar did you ever specify that color?
If yes. What if you trigger it, and then change it to your blue?

I’ve stumbled on a similar problem regarding unwanted colors.

Good Luck! The website is looking awesome by the way!! :tada:


hi @Randy_Rheaume-Duchar I was not able find from where the yellow color come from but to solve your issue you need to re-assign your hover color.

Not sure if this bug is related to template you have purchased but it can be WF related as there were always issues with color reassignment and color variables “improvement” didn’t help either.

hope you will find it helpful


Awesome, thanks for the help! I will check this out when I get the time!

Yea I was thinking it might be something with the template to, not sure though. I will get back to this reply when I get the chance to work on it! Thank you for the help, much appreciated!

This worked! Thank you!

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Last one I cant seem to find is the Welding, Fabrication and Drafting text turning yellow on hover.