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Button appear on hover animation - need help

Hey guys,

The 3 cards under the loogos

I have followed the tutorial step by step for hover animations but it’s super glitchy and I am not sure what to do. It is there before hovering, then when you hover it goes away then comes back. It also happens to all of them not just the one it’s hovering ono

It’s driving me insane and I have tried everything

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

hi @arielbeninca and welcome. It looks that problem is caused with third card but because you do not share public link I can’t see your code to be able find where the problem is.

yes, the 3rd card is the one i was trying to create the animation with and that’s not working properly. The button needs to not be there until it is hovered on - but when you hover it goes away and comes back

HI @arielbeninca link you have provided is not working as I’m getting 404

do you know how i am able to get the link you need?

@arielbeninca Hope you will find it helpful.


I am honestly not sure what i did wrong i the first place but at some point, it stopped affecting everything when i tried to redo it from scratch - must have been a selection thing

Hi @arielbeninca please feel free to check any answer as solution to be this request marked as solved