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Button Animation

Hey guys. tell me what is the problem? what am I doing wrong?

interaction 2.0 everything looks like I intended
in the preview site div does not work correctly

in the end I want to repeat this animation, can someone immediately tell me how to do it)
Many thanks, guys))

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Oh great question. @11125!

I was able to tinker with the animation for a bit to create the following:

You can view how it was created at the following share link:

Feel free to provide your share link so that we can modify what you’re doing to get it working. :nerd_face:

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that’s what I got, before I opened your comment)
a little crooked) now see how close I was)
thank you so much)

thank you very much) it turned out all right to do according to your example)

I spent about two hours so far figured out how everything works)


Awesome! I’m glad it worked out for you.