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Button a with trigger for the top of the list

Hello everyone.

I have a dropdown menu that opens a dropdown list but I needed that when I clicked on the “Discover” button to scroll to the beginning of the dropdownlist, so that it is visible.

This is the link:

Can someone help me?

Thank you

Instead of using a ready-made dropdown list component, you can create your own. Inside the div you put everything that is to be there and set overflow: hidden on this div. Then you set the div height to 0. On the “discover” button you set the on click animation in which you increase the height of the div, so that it shows up. If you would like more detailed help on exactly how to do this, let me know - if this is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

I already did that, the problem is that when I press the “discover” button it does not automatically scroll to the top of the dropdown list…this is what I cannot do …

Do you know any way?

Thank you