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Started using Webflow as an early beta. Love it.

I have some experience with web development having started probably the UK’s first specialist web development company in 1995. I was the business end of things not tech or graphic design. Nonetheless I’ve used a lot of tools over the years and Webflow is exceptional out of the box. God knows what it will be like in 12 months.

Anyway. With virtually no graphic design skills and very little CSS skills I pulled together this site (which I am still working on) and it was so easy with Webflow. Trying to write the CSS for this would have been a long and horrifying nightmare for me.

There does seem to be a bug that I have submitted. The images are set to fixed and cover and work as they are supposed to on desktop but are screwed up on iPad and iPhone. Or maybe I f#$ked it up :smiley:


Sweet site Ambrose!

You’re talking about the background image bug. There’s a solution here: Background Image not responsive We’re working on fixing it.

Good job with the site. Let me ask you, elements like the parallax.js and the smooth scroll, did you add those or are they incorporated in Webflow? Thanks.

Hey Jonas76 - the whole site was built in Webflow. There isn’t parallax but rather I just fixed the background image. Smooth scrolling is just another great Webflow feature

@Jonas76 - you should ask @Ambrose to give you his troubleshooting link so you can check out how he built it!

Appreciate the reply. Did see the features in Webflow and the look sweet. The parallax scroll is something I could implement in .js, and love the fact that I can edit it further after the export. Amazing too guys, amazing tool.