Business Portfolio Video Course Part 6: Interactions & Conclusion

I am learning Webflow and have just finished the video course: “Building a business portfolio, Part 6: Interactions & Conclusion”

At the 7 minute mark, the video goes to the section settings and turns off the view of the “home hero interaction” on mobile devices so it is only visible on desktop view. Then it selects the origin “home hero” and turns off desktop visibility.

This video is a year old and that function is no longer in the setting section. I realize for the first part (while the Home Hero Interaction is selected) I can simply select Tablet view, then go to styles panel and select NONE in the layout display. This will hide the “Home Hero Interaction” element for all the mobile views. Then those views will only display the original “Home Hero”.

However, that original “Home Hero” element is still visible in the desktop view. How do I turn it off in only the Desktop view and still have it appear in the other views (tablet, mobile)???

Is there an update to this video somewhere? Or can someone explain it?