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Hallo Webflow community, right now we are testing a free ecommerce template and we wanted to upload our CVS file but we get the attached notice that we can’t upload more than 50 items. What do we need to do, to be able to upload about 300 items ? As I mentioned ubove we are still testing, its our first time with webflow and I bought the business account cause as far as I read there are no limitations!?! Thanks in advance, Christine from Vienna

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Hi @fastfutureforwardcw Christine,

Welcome to our community and I want to make sure I understand you right. You are saying you have purchased the Business Account?

Do you mean you have purchased the Pro Plan Account? Or that you have purchased the Business Hosting Account for your site? If it is the Pro Plan Account that is a limitation. As staging sites have a 50 CMS item max threshold. Which it sounds like that is what you have done.

If you are looking to add 50+ items/products you MUST add a hosting plan to this site project. Even if you are just looking to test your layout to see more than 50 CMS items/products LIVE on your site the e-commerce site MUST be on a hosted plan!!!

Hope that helps with your inquiry!

HI WebDev, thanks for your fast reply, I understand. You saved me from searching all the forum questions and answers. I thought I buy the hosting plan the moment I know exactely what we are going to design and if we build it from scratch or if we use a template. Thanks again and greetings from Vienna, Christine

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