Burger menu not updating on Mobile & Tablet view

Hey Guys!
I previously reached out for help on the forum but couldn’t get the help for some reason.
I’m approaching the deadline for the website & still can’t seem to fix this problem.

I’m using a hamburger menu in my site, but when i edited it, it only did the changes in the PC version. but when i visited the site from my phone & tablet, the menu was in the original version. I tried editing the menu in the designer while on the tablet and mobile view to see if it’s any different than when doing it on the pc version but it wasn’t, the up to date version was there. For some reason it doesn’t change when i open the actual site on my phone/tablet.

Can anyone PLEASE help me with this problem?

Here are screenshots of what i mean;

when i open the menu on my PC:

when i open the menu on my phone/tablet:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Akeed United's Website

normal link: https://www.akeed-uniteds-website.webflow.io