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Burger menu not collapsing

Hello all,
who can explain to me why my navigation does not collapse after clicking on a nav item…?

Thanks for your help!


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @beyker as this is a one page site you have to point to sections and not external URL. Give each section ID and than just navigate to specific section this will trigger navigation close action

Thank you Stan - that seems to work, but I have two problems with ist…

  1. After selecting menu item it collapses, but there’s a close-icon not a burger-icon…
  2. As the nav-symbol is also used in other pages, it only works with external linking… page section-links don’t work…

hi @beyker link to section from another page is done via external link with path specific to exact section. There is many post about how to on the forum.

Ok, thank you, that works - but…
Now I have problem Nr. #1: Burger menu ist not collapsing…

and… Icons not working properly… as written in my last post…

I’m so grateful for your help. Thank you so much in advance!!!

Hi Stan, sorry, but this problem is not solved yet.
I use a symbol for navigation and it should work not only on the Homepage but also on other (external) ages… so, how to handle the linking-problem?

hi @beyker I see there bad linking on all pages. You have to understand that you can use links to sections ONLY on homepage and for other pages you have to use links to external page.
In URL field you should write link from any page to homepage section like this https://www.mysite/#mysectionIdName

This mean that you have to have two navigations, one for homepage and one for other pages. Both with specific links setups

I see that you have some combination in nav where some links go to home page section and some to another page. So you can try create some kind of hybrid to make it work

Thank you, Stan. Two Navis was the solution.
The other problem (burger>cross>burger in mobile menu) was solved by animating the navbar, not the menu itself. So I could define ‘Nav open’ and ‘Nav closed’ states.

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