Burger menu acting weird


I’m new to Webflow and have been working on a website for the past few days. I am now facing a small issue with the burger menu on mobile view.

  • The cross (once pressed) is not centered

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 14.04.31

  • I can’t seem to find where the animation has been created - tried selecting every item as a newbie. So this cross is shown in purple and I’d like to turn it into my blue :slight_smile:

I’ve searched and found many replies on this amazing forum, hence I hope I can get some help from you guys ! Here is the read-only link : Webflow - Addmin's website


hi @stphnaddmin you were probably messing with height of each div that are used for burger X. There are relations between div (burger line) height and their spacing to make exact cross.

All you should do is to make each line back to 2px and you will be fine


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hi @stphnaddmin if issue doesn’t persist feel free to close your request as solved