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Bunch of issues with with our prototype recently


Ive been working on a prototype for a client over the last few weeks which as been fine but recently (over the last couple of days) the build has become buggy. For example responsive aspects of the prototype are broken. It seems to be something up with the columns… they don’t seem to be scaling when you reduce the browser window.

Ive got older builds that share the exact same styling of the latest build but they dont exhibit this issue.

NOTE ive just published a build which didn’t exhibit this issue but after publishing it now shows the same issues

NOTE this seems to be an issue while columns are within a Interaction. Other columns through out the prototype don’t have this issue.

I cant share a link to the prototype as it has sensitive information in it. however here are some screenshots of the issue.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Sveky

Seems it might be an overflow issue, but I can’t say for sure without taking a look at your project. Can you please email support with the share-link of your project and mention on which page you’re experiencing the issue, so we can help you resolve this issue?

Thanks @AnnaKelian done :+1:

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