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Bullets Disappear when published

I am using CMS and a template page to build out some video pages. I am using a rich-text element on the page and in the cms content. In the designer the bullets show up but for some reason, once the page is published the bullet points disappear.

I am referencing the “What You’ll Learn” section on the top right of the page.

Any thoughts?

Here is the page I am working on

Here is my public share link:
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@lindsay.ware Do you have any custom css in your project. I think I see the issue but I am trying to pin point where its coming from.

PS this site is looking amazing!

@sarahdarr Thank you! We do have some custom css in place for a Shopify button / cart override that was installed about a month ago.

@lindsay.ware There is a style that is overriding your All unordered Lists Class and i am trying to find it. You can start with possibly cleaning up any unused classes so that you can find what you are looking for a bit easier.


I would suggest going through any lists that you have on other pages and checking the padding-left and the list-style:none attributes.

I will keep looking to see if I can find it on my end.

@sarahdarr I went through and cleaned up all of my styles. So you are thinking that something in the custom css is overriding my unordered lists across the site?

Possibly. I can see it when I inspect the preview but not when I am in the designer. Maybe someone else has had this issue and can take a look. I will try and look again this afternoon now that the styles are cleaned up.