Bullet points not displaying

My bullet points aren’t displaying properly when I upload to the server and check in my browsers, however they display fine in both browsers when I’m checking from the same folder on the desktop. Hardly seems to make sense I know…

bullets come out as two strange characters

Could you provide a screenshot and a link to an example please?

Thanks for offering help and sorry for my late reply, I’ve been away from the computer.

What seems to be happening is that as soon as I bring my exported html into Dreamweaver just really to amend the title bar on each page my bullet points get messed up and display as odd characters

here’a link: http://www.thewhitespaceofficial.com/instal3/about.html

It’s fine if I upload my exported files directly out of webflow

I also have an issue where when we select to apply bullets it doesn’t apply them ( http://futureNYC.webflow.io , top gray bar, right column).Using Chrome on Mac, all the latest versions. Think it’s a bug.

Hi @AriT

Can you please provide your read-only link?

thanks in advance :smiley: