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Bulk Upload CMS Items: Date & Video Link Field Errors

We are trying to bulk upload our ~950 podcast episode database into the CMS but are running into issues once we start mapping fields.

Our date fields are formatted correctly according to the user guide. We’ve also tried several different formats – none are “compatible” with the Date field. That mapping option is greyed out when we try to map to the Date field.

We are experiencing the same issue with the video field. Our YouTube video URLs aren’t able to be mapped to the Video URL category field.

When we copy/paste one-by-one they work, but aren’t working when we do a bulk upload.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

@PixelGeek any insight? :pray:

Trying to get our podcast site into Webflow (from Wordpress) before I leave my current role, but stuck!

I would create an entry in your collection, then export it. Take a look at the formatting in the exported CSV.