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Bulk Pricing Updates


this is a general question. How do you do bulk pricing updates on products with variations? I tried to update the same CSV file that I used to bulk upload and changed the pricing but for some reason it didn’t map and the error just said it didn’t run because the product exists already.

anyone else have the same error? how do you do bulk pricing updates?

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I think you will need to look at using the API. It should be possible using Zapier with a sheet that includes the product and variant ID’s, which you can fetch with the API.

“product exists already” because you are uploading the same data again only with the changed site. You will have to remove the old products first and then you can do it easily.
Clean up the old products and then upload the updated sheet.

I am resistant to do this particularly because I don’t think its best practice. For instance, all product references will have to be re-associated in other CMS collections if we do this.

We should have a way to bulk upload pricing updates without having to delete and add new all the time.

this doesn’t seem to work with variant pricing changes…

A price update to an item is really an update to the SKUS collection. When you update a SKU collection item, there are required fields.

Here is a basic PATCH (JSON BODY):

      "fields": {
          "_archived": false,
            "_draft": true,
            "price": {
                "value": 40000,
                "unit": "USD"
             "sku-values": {
                "df55896f630880d2a0115087c93b3ab4": "aa8c8937bc4920c5ca7ee2c6d285f9fc"


After you update prices you would need to reload the designer to see the changes in the designer. Price updates won’t show on the front end until you publish. Note: An existing cart with an item that gets an updated price will be updated to the new price automatically.

sorry i’m not sure what to do with this code… :sweat_smile:

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You could look at for more information on how to use the API. Until Zapier updates its features, the API would be the method to bulk update pricing.

Cool that you can use custom code to get this done. Would it also work with other fields on your product object? Mainly, I’m curious about images. Debating whether I can upload all my products without images, then hire someone to host all images and upload by mapping to existing products

Hi @TreyWilliams.
Josh from Foxy here. Our seamless integration with Webflow supports automatically handled bulk discounts, coupons, customer portal, and more. More information can be found here:

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Is there a way to import a bulk price update yet? I have 93 variants that need pricing updates. I thought it would be as easy as exporting the csv, updating the pricing, and re-importing, but apparently this is not possible.

Hi @jkalinowsky.
If you’re using Foxy + Webflow CMS, what you’re after may be possible. Feel free to email us details on your use case and read-only link: