Bulk CSV Upload in Editor

I need to have my client update his inventory in the editor using bulk CSV import but it doesn’t appear to be an option. Is there a permission set required for this? The only place I see that capability is in the designer but I do NOT want to give him access to that.

Here it is in the collection in the Designer

However, there is no option I see in the editor here…

Is this possible?

Not only is it not possible, but even if you could activate the button for your editor, they couldn’t “update” their inventory with a CSV file.

The CSV import only allow adding new collection items. No updates.

I’m currently building tool that will support adding/updating/replacing items with a CSV file. If you want to be a beta tester, check it out at PowerImporter.com

I am ok with them not being able to “update” the inventory in bulk. We can do a bulk delete then bulk upload, but I do NOT want to give them access to the Designer. I can’t believe this isn’t an available feature!

I joined your beta. How soon will it be ready?

Does anyone know of another workaround for this using 3rd party tools? Basic requirement is to upload a CSV file, without going into the Designer, to create a bunch of collection list items quickly. No need to update existing items, just assume there is nothing in the collection.

The CSV import feature does not exist in Webflow’s Editor, only the Designer.

Understood. Asking now if anyone knows another method to give a client CSV import capability via 3rd party tools. Inventory data is stored in a google sheet.

I should have a first version ready by the end of the month.

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Still interested in checking out your solution @JudoHacker because it might be more elegant, but I just solved this problem using Parabola.io. It’s a work around for not being able to have the client use the editor to import a CSV, but in the end it actually is an easier and quicker workflow this way.

Nicely done!

It’s not easy, but it’s definitely doable with parabola. It’s just not for the faint of heart. :laughing:


Just wanted to share an update.

I finished building PowerImporter’s CSV Bulk Upload tool a few months ago. It was beta tested for months by happy users and greatly improved by their feedback.

It’s now out of beta and available to all.

Check it out: