Builtwith.com not showing correct information?

Hey guys, I’ll preface this by saying I appreciate this isn’t actually really that important. But it is annoying me! I moved my site from Wix to Webflow a few months ago (best decision I ever made) it has the same domain name, the change over was easy and works fine. However, for some reason builtwith.com still shows it as Wix? Is there a way to update this so it displays the correct information?

Thanks in advance.

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When their bot crawls your site again and they update the DB you will see the results. I find their data to be pitifully stale and not worth any effort. Almost as bad as Webflow E-Commerce site profiles in blog posts (Webflow) that long abandoned Webflow as a platform.

I wonder how regularly they crawl the sites? Because it’s been over a month now.

Thanks for your reply.

Why not contact them? How would any of us know really? They have a website you can visit. Good luck.