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Built a site for our Design Agency!

This was a huge undertaking for me as it was my first attempt using Webflow after learning the software a bit… lots of moving sections up and down so I could edit them… and about 2 months later of editing and meetings it’s finally finished!



Wow! This is awesome work! Really beautiful, and just works so nicely.
I love the effect on the VW, pet recipes page and few others too… :smiley: :dog:
I shared this internally with our team too :slight_smile:



The only small thing was this text, it’s a little large for footer text IMO and gets cut off at certain points.


Thank you Mark!

I’m so glad you like it!

Also thanks for pointing out the text at the bottom, I know what you mean, I’d so have it smaller personally but working in a team means compromise!

Oh I just saw that it cuts off… what page was that on? :open_mouth:

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Let me join in compliments. The site looks great. I also have a little note: in the attach image you should align the text to the left :slight_smile:


I so would if it was my decision!

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