Building Webflow in Public with NO coding background

Hi: I’m building a project on webflow. I have no coding background whatsoever. My goal is to test how truly “no-code” webflow is and to create a public map for anyone else in my situation (non-technical, hesitant to pay $$$ for a no-code solution).

If you’re interested, follow along here: @halfrealjini

Would love it if you kept this thread updated with your progress! (and welcome :wave:)

@ChrisDrit happy to! I was intimidated to start. The “intro” tutorial was pretty helpful, but when I tried to mess around with the starter site, I got stuck. Since then I’ve done a couple of things that have made me feel better:

  • watched the Figma to Webflow tutorial on Webflow University (I have a Figma prototype)
  • watched a couple of YouTube tutorials

I haven’t started building my site yet – hope to do that next week !

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