Building Pages of Categorized Collections

I am

So I have one collection (let’s call them movements). Each movement can belong to multiple categories. Those categories have their own collection and are referenced in the movement category).

Now I have no problem create a collections page of movements with the listed “categories” on the page.

What I’m having trouble doing is creating a dynamic list of all the categories that automatically list which “movements” are a part of each category.

Do I just need to manually create these pages myself? I was hoping I could do this dynamically.

Am I missing something?

It’s a limitation. We can’t nest collections in lists. For smaller lists you can create multiple collection lists with manual filters and titles. you can conditionally hide the manual elements, but it will get nasty if you have over 20 or so collections.


I think I could create multiple pages with this and get my achieved goal. The question is can I mess w/ the URL structure at all?

I would like for collection item a)

Right now I can do /collection/collection-item and /collection-list separated, but I’m not sure how to put the list the structure I want?