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Building facebook app in webflow

Hi everyone,

Might be a stupid question, please excuse. I know next to nothing about building facebook apps. But would it be possible to build the frontend part in webflow?

Thanks for any help!

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I don’t know extensively about FB apps but a part of them are embeded websites. So yes, this would be possible, and not a bad idea.

Hi @bennyhagen, you can absolutely use Webflow to create FB app frontends. Once you create your site in Webflow, and you have it the way you want, then you can export the site to pure html, css and javascript, everything you need, and then just edit the files using your own development tool for FB app building… this can be something as simple as a text editor or a full blown development IDE… I use Sublime Text, Coda 2 and Komodo Edit for external editing needs.

Cheers, !

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I’m using Webflow to create frontend of every webapp to which I later add my custom scripts.