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Hi everyone!
One question here: I think of building my new designer portfolio using Webflow and my website has to be accessible. I don’t understand how I can do it with the CMS as we don’t have access to the front-end code unless we export it or add embed code when needed. Has anyone built an accessible website using Webflow? I’d be glad to see if it’s possible. Thanks!

hi @atelier_senuba while I agree with you that possibility of editing HTML will be great feature but it is not possible at this time and I do not know if ever will be. But there is an Audit section (square on left bottom) in “beta”, it is not prefect but it just show what you should revisit and improve.

Beside standard recommendation to fulfil WCAG as readability, colors, contrast etc. you can add custom attributes WF have this option section for each DOM element in element Setting section. This will cover most of you need and rest can be done with JS.

Adding custom attributes this way is more time consuming compare to code editor and hard to debug as you will have to click on each element instead having code in front of you and use search/replace, multi-cursor etc…

Anyway, IMHO to make website accessible according to WCAG is in WF possible.

But you can always ask Webflow support directly for specific issue you have.


It seems to me that building websites is incredibly difficult. I admire programmers.

hi @MichaelTapia It is like with any other profession you will do for living. Building websites is not as “hard” as it looks when you invest time and money to knowledge how to build sanpy a website (front-end and back-end).

I agree that it can a bit time consuming process to make website correctly and accessible. But to be honest if website is not used to serve for governmental services or informations where WCAG has to be fulfil strictly you can stay just with basic accessibility rules. That said on other site more accessibility implemented mean better SEO and that lead to better search ranking.

Thank you for your feedback! I also admire programmers but am also keen on learning more about front-end development to understand the magic and become a better designer.

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hi @atelier_senuba if you get satisfied answer to your request feel free to close it by checking any response as solution.