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Building a website for a game community, need user database

I’m building a website for a DCS World squadron group who are asking for a user database, but have their own host. As far as I know this kind of cuts out the memberstack / webflow options? I’m pretty new to webflow and what is possible, but without the webflow hosting I feel like my options become limited to coding my own php user database.
Are there any alternatives out there since I likely can’t use the CMS? (They are using hostinger)

Any help would be appreciated. It’s been something I’ve been trying to find the right solution to for a couple days now.


@tgrinstead3d If they need to host the site off of webflow, the only option is to create your own database. You can use firebase to manage the user as an option.

Thanks for the response. I have a typical php user database in the works for them and though it’s not as “slick” it’ll do the job.

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