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Building a Webapp with Webflow and Laravel


I’ve been planning out a web app where we plan to use Webflow to handle all the front-end development, using Vue for the javascript and then a Laravel backend to handle the database and data retrieval and handling.

I’ve been looking through the site and the forums to see first if this is possible through Webflow alone and then connecting to the external laravel environment somehow or whether I’d just be better off exporting the front-end from webflow and using it within a laravel environment.

I’m getting mixed impressions whether the first option is even possible and if so that it could be very difficult to implement and possibly insecure vs just exporting the webflow frontend into the laravel environment. Just wondering has anyone built a web app like this using webflow and whats the best or easier way to go about it. Thanks

Yes you would. Personally I would be using tailwindcss with Vue.