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Building a collaborative platform with Webflow... in my dreams only?

Hi everyone.

I have a collaborative platform project and I am currently exploring no-code solutions as I’d like to launch as soon as possible and have other projects to achieve.
I was wondering if Webflow is appropriate to create a collaborative platform where users would:

  1. Register and Create a profiles
  2. Choose a plan and pay to use the platform
  3. Browse other users profiles,
  4. Browse and download audio and text files
  5. Filter their searches on the website
  6. Add/Delete/Find collaborative projects
  7. Upload their work (audio + text files)
  8. Get in touch with other users through a messaging functionality
  9. Chat in real-time with other users
  10. Like, comment, follow, share, about the profile and files they browse

Basically how far can you go on the dynamic side of things with WF?


  1. what kind of database technology does Webflow use? Is it strong enough to handle hundreds of users at the same time?
  2. Although WF is a no-code tool, is it still possible to access the code (and not just the HTML and CSS)?
  3. Is WF based specifically on JS?
  4. In the end, do we get the same performance as with a hand-coded website?
  5. Can a WF website be hosted anywhere or would it have its own specific hosting solution like Bubble?

I guess I’d have tons of questions, but I’ll stick to those for now. Thanks a lot for your help and feedback.


Feel free to review the features available today. Web design, CMS, & hosting features | Webflow

Will do! Thanks a lot Jeff.